Paper List of NSFC 40576053 2006-2008

Remote sensing analysis of 2004 south Asian tsunami’s ecological effects on the temporal and spatial distribution of Chl-a in the Indian Ocean. National Natural Sciences Foundation of China.

国家自然科学基金面上项目(40576053) 研究论文目录

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3. ZZ Yan, Danling Tang, 2008, Changes in Suspended sediments Associated with 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Journal of Advances in Space Research, 43: 89-95. doi:10.1016/j.asr.2008.03.002.  (SCI) Nature China Highlight. 1标注

3. XinFeng Zhang, DanLing Tang*, ZiZhen Li, FengPan Zhang, 2009, The effects of wind and rainfall on suspended sediment concentration related to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Marine Pollution Bulletin. SCI..pp 1367-1373. 1标注

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4.         Danling Tang, J Yu, H Zhao, G M Zheng, S F WangRemote Sensing and in Situ Observations of Responses of Marine Ecosystem and Responses in the South China Sea to the Environmental changes in the Coastal Area of Southern China. Natural Resources, Environment Protection and Sustainable Development RussiaISBN 978-5-02-035960-4, pp126128.       1标注

5.         Danling Tang, Sufen Wang, BaoPing Di. Long-time observations of harmful algal blooms in the coastal waters of the South China Sea. Recent Advances in Marine Science and Technology, pp:127-134. Published by Pacon International, Honolulu,Hawaii, U.S.A. and Myanmar Maritime University,Yangon,Myanmar,Edited by Narendra Saxena. ISBN 0-9634343-7-3. 2007. 1标注

6.         Danling Tang Sufen WangJ YuJJ WangAnalyzing satellite data and in situ observations to propose an early warning of HABs,《South China SeaVietnamSep.2007. 1标注      

7.         Danling Tang. Responses of phytoplankton bloom to the environmental changes in the South China Sea. Advances of Satellite Oceanography: Understanding and Monitoring of Asian Marginal Seas, ISBN978-5-8044-0776-7,pp,138-140, VladivostokRussiaOct2007. 1标注



1.       Oceanic Manifestation of Global Changes

2.       Remote Sensing of Environment & Disaster Monitoring


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