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Date:        7th June, 2006 

Location:  Conference room (6th floor), South China Sea Institute of Oceanlogy, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Guangzhou, China 

Oral and Poster presentations are welcome! 

Contact:   DanLing TANG, Sufen Wang, LED, SCSIO
                 Tel/Fax: 86 20 89023203

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The Workshop on Indian Ocean Research and Ocean Hazards /Tsunami

Supported by National Nature Science Foundation Project (NSFC40576053) and LED
Remote sensing analysis of 2004 south Asian tsunamis ecological effects on the temporal and spatial distribution of Chl-a in the Indian Ocean

you are welcome

Workshop Program

 (15 minutes for each oral presentation, 5 minutes for Q/A)


9:30~9:50   Workshop Opening

          Opening address by Professor Shi Ping          

            (Chair: Professor DanLing TANG):  

09:50~10:10  Ramesh P. Singh
Early Warning of Natural Hazards Using Remote Sensing

10:10~10:30   Dongxiao Wang
                      CLIVAR Observation Strategy for the Indian Ocean 

10:30~10:50   Tea/Coffee Break, Group photo 

                       (Chair: Professor Dongxiao Wang): 

10:50~11:10    Zhigang He
                       Applications of SLA from altimeter observation in identifying the path of front in
                       the south Indian Ocean

11:10~11:30   Lili Zeng
                       Estimates and analysis of sea surface evaporation based on space observations

 11:30~11:50 Zheng Guangming
Chlorophyll anomalies in the equatorial Indian Ocean after the 2004 South Asian tsunami

11:50~14:00   Lunch                      

(Chairman Professor Ramesh P. Sing): 

14:00~14:20   Ramesh P. Singh
                       Changes observed in Land, Ocean and Atmospheric Parameters associated with
                       Sumatra Tsunami

14:20~14:40  DanLing TANG, B. Satyanarayana,Chao Hui
                      Changes in Chlorophyll-a and SST in the Indian Ocean during the 2004 south Asian
                       Tsunami period

 14:40~15:00 Yan Zhongzheng
                      Spatial and Temporal distribution of the suspended sediments in the East Indian  Ocean
                      after the 2004 Sumatra Tsunami 

15:00~15:20   Tea/Coffee Break,            

             (Chairman: Professor Dongxiao Wan)

15:20~15:40    M.S. Ravikumar
                        Phytoplankton blooms around Indian Ocean

15:40~16:00     Qinyan Liu
Interplaying between the Indonesian Throughflow and the water exchange through the Luzon Strait 

16:00~16:10   Tea/Coffee Break 

 (Chairman: Professor Chuqun Chen) 

16:10~16:30   Shilin Tang, Chuqun Chen, Haigang Zhan, Tonghui Zhang
                       Determination of ocean primary production using support vector machines

16:30~17:00  Nalin Wikramanayake
The Coastal Wave Climate of Sri Lanka : Measurements and Modeling
                    (2) Seasonal Changes in a Tidal Inlet under Mosoon Conditions

17:00~17:30   Discussion

                      (Chair: Professor Nalin Wikramanayake and DanLing TANG)

17:30        Closing

                 Workshop closing address by Professor Huang LM

you are welcome