PACON International is an organization comprised of marine scientists, engineers, industrialists, and policy-makers dedicated to sharing state-of-the-art marine science and technology and the appropriate applications of this technology.
Our principle goal is to provide leadership to all participating nations to promote the environmentally sound utilization of ocean resources and to advance knowledge in the various disciplines. The organization provides an international forum for nations and islands of the Pacific to exchange information, ideas and technology.




Welcome to PACON 2017

Dear Friend of PACON:

It is with great pleasure that I announce the 25th anniversary conference of PACON
(Pacific Congress on Marine Science and Technology)and the beginning of a new era for our venerable organization. Our organization was founded 34 years ago in Honolulu, Hawaii, holding its first international forum in 1984 in Honolulu. Since then it has held 24 conferences in 9 countries around the Pacific, has hosted specialty workshops and brought many international parties together to address complex problems.

PACON was originally founded with a vision of providing leadership to help bring policy makers, industrialists, scientists and engineers in the US together with their colleagues in the Asia-Pacific region to address issues of significance in the marine environment. As we move forward in an ever more interconnected world, this becomes increasingly important. Few issues are restricted to one country alone and few countries have the resources or insight to alone solve the myriad of complex challenges we collectively face.

PACON provides a network of marine innovators in a dozen countries dedicated to the sharing of information to improve the world situation. In the areas of climate change, appropriate energy development, marine pollution and debris, food production, environmental preservation and offshore development, to name just a few, significant issues and innovations are occurring. PACON addresses the challenges and opportunities these present.

To this end, working with the PACON International leadership,
Zhejiang University ( and South China Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences ( will be hosting the 25th conference of PACON in the beautiful Zhou Shan Islands off Hangzhou, China. This will happen in 27-30 March, 2017. We ask that you reserve this date to participate in PACON and consider what contribution you can make to this anniversary event. We will provide more details as the time draws nearer.

We are dedicated to the vision of PACON and the opportunity to contribute to the shared welfare of our global marine environment. With the new innovations we see, we believe that much can be done. Working together we can accomplish what could never be done by any of us separately. Please join me in your interest in and support of PACON.
As the PACON President, I will look forward to providing inspiration and leadership. I welcome you to China and hope to have the opportunity of working more closing with you to make PACON and outstanding success.



DanLing Tang lingzis牝気早
President of PACON International


2016 Feb 14